Chi Sono

I’m Alessio Placitelli, a computer engineer graduated from the “Federico II” University of Naples.

I made my way into computer technology since I received a MSX from my parents when I was 2-3 years old (yeah, I’m not joking!). I grew up (did I?) since then, experimenting with all sort of automated stuff ranging from computers to toasters, seeking knowledge or, more precisely, trying to figure out the “how” behind everything.

I’ve been fascinated by programming from the very beginning, when I started struggling with MSX Basic language. My goal was to understand how my favorite game (of that time 😉 ) had been built, by trying to replicate the game on my MSX (Alex Kid in Miracle World , which I played on my SEGA Master System :D). I fell in love with game development. A little (let’s say I was ~twelve) after that, I started experimenting with OpenGL. It was so… difficult but, meanwhile, it provided me the stimulations I needed to continue improving my programming skills and passion.

Soon I found that the key to knowledge and improvement is team work. You cannot really improve alone, not as fast as if you were in a team. I joined several amateur gamedev teams many of which didn’t last long enough to produce what you would expect from a game development team: a game.

But those experiences, mistakes and failures helped me to mature during the process.