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Questo post arriva un po’ in ritardo, ma meglio tardi che mai! Dopo un duro lavoro è stata rilasciata la versione 1.0 della Point Cloud Library, una libreria open source per l’elaborazione di nuvole di punti 3d. Allo sviluppo di questa libreria partecipano varie istituzioni, tra cui anche il MIT. Segue un estratto dell’annuncio relativo al rilascio.

PCL is a large-scale, cross-platform, open project for point cloud processing that is free for commercial and research use. The PCL framework comprises state-of-the-art algorithms that have endless uses, such as filtering outliers from noisy data, stitching 3D point clouds together, segmenting relevant parts of a scene, extracting keypoints and creating surfaces from point clouds. With the 1.0 release, PCL is now a completely standalone library, using a few “system” dependencies (Boost, Qhull, VTK) with some extra third-party libraries (FLANN, Eigen, CMinpack, OpenNI). The release features a number of changes and updates to help you do more — and help you do it more easily. A few highlights:

  • Full Linux, Windows and Mac OSX support. If you can connect an OpenNI camera to it, PCL can run on it
  • Complete OpenNI interface for PSDK, Asus WAVI XTion and Kinect. Just hook up your camera and start hacking in 3D
  • Complete Octree interface for point cloud compression, nearest neighbor search, change detection and more
  • Lots of tutorials and demos – with more on the way

Annuncio ufficiale rilascio PCL 1.0