I knew it, Vista is just like a child: it shouldn’t be drinking old Alcohol (are you laughing?). Ok, let’s stop it. A dear friend of mine had a strange problem on her Vista PC just after an old version of Alcohol 120% was installed. Vista simply refused to boot, even in safe mode. After a gathering some information on the net, I found out (from Alcohol Software Support forum) that she needed to boot the system with Vista rescue disk and to delete an Alcohol driver. Pretty easy, huh. But she didn’t have a rescue disk. But hey, I found a solution to that too 😀 I told her to open her PC, disconnect all the cables from the CD drives and try to boot. Vista started and she was finally able to replace the old Alcohol with the latest working version 🙂

The lesson: unless you like vintage crap, just use up-to-date software!