I’ve been flooded by your requests since my “Streaming live camera feed to Dreambox”) article and now, finally, the time has come: you don’t have to wait anymore 🙂 For those who don’t know what I’m talking about… it’s how to watch your favorite p2p internet channel on your dear Dreambox! Yeah, you can now sit on your sofa watching porn movies from the Internet on your 52” plasma 😀


– Broadband Internet connection
– Internet Stream recording software (Cool-Recorder, SDP Downloader, etc.)
– A working VLCF-Final plugin installation on your Dreambox which correctly communicates with your PC (check my previous tutorial) for help on this stuff)

Let’s do it!

First of all, you need the address of the stream you want to bounce back to your Dreambox. If you don’t know it, try to watch the stream in your browser. Right click in the video area and choose Properties from the menu. In this window, look for the Location property (names may change depending on the web player, just be sure to look for an URI): that’s the address of the stream.

Now run VLC, and leave it running on the background, since this is needed for VLCF-Final plugin on your Dreambox to work. Once you’re done with that, run the stream recording software you’ve chosen and paste the stream address in it. Then choose the path and file name to write the stream to, but don’t forget it needs to be in a folder that VLCF-Final is configured to scan (if you can’t understand, look for vlcf_original.xml in this) article).

Now run VLCF-Final plugin from the plugins panel on your Dreambox and open the file you are writing the stream to. After few seconds, the stream should play on your TV 🙂

Hey, if you found this post useful, need help or just want to insult me, feel free to post a comment! Also, it would be very nice if you would buy me a beer (check the right panel) 😉