I have received (and still I am receiving!) so many emails and PMs regarding one of my old projects, MTuxvision, that I simply couldn’t ignore them. I started MTuxvision project during 2004, starting from Bernd Scharping’s tuxvision excellent GPL code base (tuxvision development was discontinued because of Mr. Scharping’s tragic death in a car accident in 2003). MTuxvision basically allowed owners of a Dreambox to watch satellite channels on their PC and also to record the incoming streaming. Unfortunately, my house got stroke by a thunder and I lost a huge amount of data stored on my hard drives. Recently, digging over my CDs, I found an old backup which also contained an old MTuxvision code snapshot. I’m very happy to release this to the community, hopefully it will be helpful to somebody.

Please, download the source code package using your favorite torrent client (Azureus, uTorrent, etc.) and keep it seeding. Just in case it doesn’t work, you can use the direct link to the file.

MTuxvision Version 0.2 b 15 Source Code (Torrent)

Don’t mind if my code looks unorganized, rude and dirty: I’m sorry about that. I would appreciate (but not require!) if you could link back to my site in case you will be using this code. Also, thanks to everyone who supported me during this years of development.