Roundcube 0.2 Stable, postfix and changing user password

The following hack allows users to change their own email password in roundcube 0.2-stable. Updated: Thanks to Lukather from a bug which wiped out email passwords has been fixed **Step 1. Modifying program\steps\settings\ Aproximately near line 28, there is a block where an array is declared. It starts with “$a_user_prefs = array(“. Just add the following line under the “‘prefer_html’ => isset($_POST[‘_prefer_html’]) ? TRUE : FALSE,” line // Password MOD 'password' => isset($_POST['_password']) ?...

February 11, 2009 · 2 min · Alessio Placitelli

Creative Zen: Sezione nel file INF non valida|Creative Zen: A section in the INF is invalid

Odio quando gli hard disk si rompono. Ok, ho il backup di tutto.. però che nervi reinstallare tutto. Spesso infatti, qualche periferica che funzionava senza problemi decide di piantarti in asso: è la cosa che mi è successa durante l’installazione dei driver del mio Creative Zen su Windows XP SP3. Se anche voi avete lo stesso problema, se Windows tenta di liquidarvi con un “Sezione del file INF non valida”, scaricate ed eseguite l’installazione di questo file:...

February 5, 2009 · 1 min · Alessio Placitelli

MSI Wind U100: problema tastiera|MSI Wind U100: keyboard problem

/Me OMFG Do you know someone on this planet who can manage to destroy a 399€ jewel in less than a hour? Now you do. I just tried to update the BIOS of my new, flaming, MSI Wind U100 Black when I found out power wasn’t plugged. So I thought “what’s the problem, let’s just plug it in”. I wish I had never done that: keyboard suddenly stopped working. I tried rebooting to Windows XP (a pure DOS environment is required for BIOS updates) but, sadly, nothing changed....

July 12, 2008 · 2 min · Alessio Placitelli

How to copy files from PC to Dreambox

You would be surprised by the amount of people searching for “ftp dreambox” words in the box at the top of this page. Hey, that’s it, just to “finally make you happy”: 1) Download an FTP client (FileZila is recommended) 2) Create a new connection profile using your Dreambox address (192.168.x.x for example), root as username and dreambox as password (some firmware have no default password set for this, so just leave it empty)...

April 24, 2008 · 1 min · Alessio Placitelli

Handling multiple projects/repositories with one svnserve

Need to handle different projects/repositories using a single SVN instance and don’t know how? Need revision numbers to be project dependent? Or you just want your repository to look cleaner? This (LINK) article by Thomas Guest explains you exactly how to do all that stuff in a simple and elegant way!

April 16, 2008 · 1 min · Alessio Placitelli